Mining and Environmental Law – Every State in our country has in-place legislation that governs mining and exploration law, including titles. Queensland is richly endowed with minerals and is a coal powerhouse. Without this industry our country would grind to a standstill. It is a misconception that mining is terrible for the environment, without mining we would not produce the minerals required for the race to a carbon neutral economy. Today’s lithium mining might be tomorrow’s vanadium. Phosphate, another mineral found in Queensland is a key ingredient for agriculture in our arid country.

Mining and Environmental Law

So where does North Law come in. Our Director has spend many years working in Government Resources Departments from Mineral Titles to the Geological Survey division. He was responsible for the evaluation of exploration mining projects and in-particular the work programs required to make important mineral discoveries. He also worked as Land and Tenement Manager for small and large multinational mining and exploration companies. If you require advice on your project, including the environmental framework and a realistic roadmap from a legal prospective contact North Law for a free 15 minute consultation. Exploration and mining projects come with bucket loads of red and green tape, not to mention the importance of a Social License to Operate, or simply put community rapport. Having a legal representative to contact during your journey will remove some of the hurdles and provide your company with clarity on Mining and Environmental Law