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Our Indonesian Law Consultation is conducted by Herawati Wijaya & Partners with its offices in Jakarta and Bali.
Herawati Wijaya & Partners specialises in Indonesian Corporate matters, Property Law, Litigation, Banking & Finance.

Being one of Australia’s closest neighbours, the interactions between Australian law and Indonesian law have become more and come common and in demand. You might wish to establish a business or buy a property in Indonesia; or you might wish to sell your property in Indonesia or inherit a property in Indonesia and you are confused what law should apply to you or what should you do. Our specialised Indonesian lawyer is here to give you advice specifically about Indonesian law based on your needs and situation. Our Indonesian lawyer representatives are here to answer your questions. We work very closely with our trusted and experienced notaries and solicitors in Indonesia to give you the correct advice. We specialise in assisting Australians and Indonesians in their private dealings between the two laws, such as Property Law (when you want to buy land or inherit land in Indonesia), Succession Law (when you want to pass on property located in Indonesia under your will, or how to administer an asset of an estate located in Indonesia) or Family Law (parenting and property disputes and settlement when one party is in Indonesia).

We also specialise in assisting Australian investors wanting to invest in Indonesia. The Australian and Indonesian government has always been keen to develop closer economic relationship with both governments having entered into the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IACEPA) which came into force in July 2020. This agreement gives many concessions to both countries to support each other in business transactions. Whether you are a private investor, or a corporation wanting to do a joint venture agreement, or establish a foreign investment company in Indonesia, North Law has the hands-on know-how and experience. We will advise you step-by-step on the journey, explaining such issues as the sovereign risk and in particular, your options for dispute resolution. We specialise in:

  1. Property law;
  2. Succession law;
  3. Business and Corporate Law: Joint venture agreements and foreign investment company establishment;
  4. Dispute resolution.
  5. Legal compliance such as joint venture company establishment, visa applications, the Indonesian foreign investment board legal requirements.

An old proverb said that when you are in Rome it is wise to do what the Romans do (or at the very least, know what the Romans do). We help you to understand the Indonesian legal structure, the culture and the people. All our trusted notaries and solicitors in Indonesia have 20 plus years of experience in their respective fields and we engage them to advise you. Click here to book an appointment with us. Our 15 minutes initial telephone consultation is free.

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